8GB of high-speed traffic

125.000 đ / 30 days

Cách đăng ký

Nhấn nút “Đăng ký qua SMS” hoặc soạn:
MIMAX125 [khoảng cách] 395994994 gửi 9123

Để kiểm tra dung lượng data còn lại của gói cước 3G/4G MIMAX125 Viettel, soạn tin: KTTK gửi 191.

Hướng dẫn hủy gói cước

Để hủy gói cước MIMAX125 soạn tin theo cú pháp: HUY gửi 191 rồi đợi tin nhắn tổng đài gửi về và soạn Y gửi 191 để xác nhận.

Viettel’s MIMAX125 Promotion Plan

🌐 The demand for internet traffic is getting higher and higher. In order to satisfy that demand, Viettel has provided MIMAX125 data plan with attractive incentives.
🔊 Viettel’s MIMAX125 is a data plan optimized for medium traffic usage, with normal access frequency.
🎊 Instead of registering another plan with a higher price, you can subscribe MIMAX125 plan with affordable price. For only 125,000đ/month, you will receive 8GB of high-speed traffic for 30 days (prepaid subscribers) or to the end of the month (postpaid subscribers). If the traffic got depleted, you still have free unlimited normal speed access.
👉 MIMAX125 plan offers quite an attractive incentives, right? So stop hesitating and send SMS with the syntax: MIMAX125 395994994 to 9123 now!
🎁 Wishing you’ll register the Viettel’s MIMAX90 plan successfully!

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